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I am obsessed with Zelda.
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Feels so good to have beaten it, yet I am sad my first time is over :(. It took me a month and I have about 65 hours logged as my first playthrough and I got everything 100%. That is the longest time ever for me to beat a Zelda game! And just IMO, SS is the hardest Zelda game I've played because I got 4 game-overs and that has never happened to me before.

Spoilers will be in the text below so stop reading if you don't want SS ruined!

Things I liked:
-LxZ :excited: Please let Zelda Wii U have some too! :pray:
-The cinematics. SS made me shed tears a few times :thumbsup:
-This Link is the most awesome Link yet; he is so badass, has a personality and his expressions... I love them
-This game shows why it's called The Legend of Zelda. I love that during Link's adventure, Zelda was on her own, doin' what she had to do :nod:
-You actually acquire the Triforce :boogie:
-The story... I really like the whole reincarnation thing with Demise's curse bringing about constant evil that Link and Zelda always have to fight. I also really like how Link went through trials to become a worthy hero :)
-Impa. I just really loved how she told Link off after the Earth Temple... she's just so blunt :heart:
-SO many throwbacks/references to past games (can totally tell it was for the 25th anniversary :D - someone should make a video about it)
-Stamina meter
-Stealth modes like the Silent realm and the part before you go to learn the song from Eldin
-Controls. I can't imagine playing a future Zelda game without motion control now; I loved feeling like I was actually holding a sword and shield.
-Upgrades were a cool idea but I only used it for the bow, shields and the beetle
-A sense of humor in the game (Zelda's bird spitting the letter, Groose scaring Link in the sky and beedle at NIGHT, pffff :XD:)
-Character development from all the main characters
-Link being able to sleep
-Fi (most of the time)
-SKY KEEP (classic Zelda dungeon design with a twist, and the entrance reminded me of the castle and the ToT in TP).
-Music (Goddess theme = Hylia = Zelda = Zelda's lullaby. LoZ main theme = Song of the Hero = Link). :dummy:
-Dialogue (Ghirahim and Demise especially)
-Dungeons (Lanaryu mines was so hard)!
-The voice acting (Ghirahim especially... btw for anime watchers, does Ghirahim remind you Tamaki Suou from Ouran High School Host club? Like the way he moves and acts all flamboyant?).

I could go on but I'll move on to things I didn't like. Keep in mind they didn't ruin the game for me and I had think for a few minutes to come up with them (except the first one):
-FUN FUN ISLAND IS NOT FUN... no seriously I was swearing at the screen just for a damn piece of heart.
-ONE Sheikah :(
-Skyloft was not as big/full of NPC's as I was hoping and the sky as the overworld felt empty to me.
-Ghirahim battle was harder than the Demise battle (?).
-Fi stating the obvious
-SOME parts felt a LITTLE bit gimmicky but whatevs.
-The info screen popping up every time you found something even though it wasn't new (bugs, random items for upgrades)
-Night time only on Skyloft

Anyway, right now I think Skyward Sword has topped Ocarina of Time as my favorite.

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